Minutes 4/21/13


Serenity Prayer

No minutes from last week due to Grant’s resignation

Discussed “Bridging the Gap”  – Island View, Valley Mental Health, treatment centers

Ucypaa Event Rundown-  Successful


Collected $181-   $90 paid park fee, $47 for food,   Total donated to Ucypaa-  $43

Event was “in the black”

Newcomers attended


Old business- none

Fundarshit- $12

Saltypaa needs PO Box, Wade is tired of getting our mail


Next event- May

Theme-   “woods hippie dance”

Possibly camping, lava hot springs


Pre-registration event?

Ucypaa in June, 7th-9th,  $15

At Bryce Canyon, Ruby’s Inn, The Lodge-  Sold out as of now

Campsite reserved for Ucypaa


May event discussion continued-

Broom ball

Possibly May 25th

Facilities will check with ice rink in Murray, will check availability of facility


Unity Chair Needed

Wade nominates self and is sustained


Wacypaa camping event in Colorado June 14-16 if people are interested, ~5 hour drive



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