Meeting began at 8:05

Wade:What is our need



Youth death by drug/alcohol

Queer community

YPAA means young at heart

Committee that showed up the strongest was Boise.

We haven’t had it since 1999, Boise had it in 2008

In-reach goes to different meetings and announce conference and activities and pre registration get the people going get money raised for wacypaa

Outreach is all of the other areas travel and announce wacypaa also had built in outreach with advisory council

Tolkien bid or balls to the wall?

Tolkien bid we are showing up, we don’t want it this year but this is where we are at but remember us

Put together bid packet, work on bid.

We want to show we can do this on the small scale at UCYPAA and be more convincing to take it to wacypaa. Build the community and momentum. “Build YPAA resume”

Wade: Ucypaa could be outreach for WACYPAA

Overall: Jonathan doesn’t think we should take it this year because of Ucypaa

Mark: once we get more support from other areas that’s where I saw our group grow

Taylor: Tolkien bid or real bid we need to decide. The turn out for today was super positive! We want to do the work like we are going for a bit. If we aren’t ready we won’t be ready.

Mark what it comes down to is how willing we are to actually doing this? We will do the work or we won’t. That is what is going on.

Wade: the bid committee isn’t about events it’s about putting together the bid package

Taylor: we didn’t do a lot of events and reach out we need to do more

We need to build a big team, we need other people from other places and support each other

Do we want to be of service to the Nc, host parties, bid, monthly events, outreach committee, go north, quarterly rangers, do our hardest to be of service


Group Conscious: First Monday of February is elections , see what we can pull together and become through outreach

Motion to close, second, all in favor, pass.

Meeting ends at 8:15

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