Meeting starts at 8:07 pm

1)Serenity prayer

2)Wacypaa facts aims and purposes


4)Read minutes from last meeting

5)roll call Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports

Chair WADE: if you don’t have a – get a co-chair and communicate with them. Get them to come to the meeting for our group house. I’m trying to get the old wacypaa bylaws from John so we can see how the committee needs to be run. I’ll be having some motions in new business. That’s my stuff, most my stuff will be in business

Co-chair RICH: none

Secretary MAGGIE: I made the phone list, if you didn’t get an email with it I don’t have your email and talk to me after the meeting

Treasure DAVE: 7th tradition

Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JACK: I have a few locations pulled up for campsites for SLC area. I got contact info from Andy for sugared, have some ideas for a water front.

Outreach SARAH: I reached out to people I know here who have connections in other states and getting some contacts networked



Arts and graphics: N/A

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY: nothing new but I’m thinking of people I could ask to be speakers

Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: none

Lgbtq chair BRYCE: I asked karma if she would be interested in participating as co-chair but she is sick tonight and couldn’t make it

H&I CHLOE: nothing to report

Unity IAN: we all met up and we went to a movie, old Greg

7)Old business:

Wade: the first hung we discussed is themes, meeting days and attendance.

Attendance first

Cierra: I think two is too many,

Dave: if it’s monthly and you miss two, that is a hit.

Wade: I’m thinking of doing weekly so we can get on our feet we will talk about that in new business, traditionally it’s 2, but it should be three

Dave: monthly, have it be 2 weekly, 3

Wade: weekly or monthly

Ramble: down for weekly until on our feet until we have our shit together


Wade: back two no show total,

Dave, that doesn’t make any sense, if you don’t show up then seven months later you don’t show that is ridiculous, I agree with two in a row

Wade: two in a row, three total absences means your position is vacated


wade: theme, boiled as an owl.

Mark: I would like to table it one more week

Dave: god campout

Wade: it’s not a sanctioned aa thing

Wade: theme for wacypaa, table it


8)New buisness-make list of positions available and share

Mark: talk to people and feel them out, keep announcements short. Give them Jake and marks information

Wade: attendance enforced next week

Maggie: text to people every Sunday

Dave: idea for a campout

Wade: idea for Ucypaa goblin valley would be bad ass

Just something to look at Kris. I also would suggest looking for other options for a co-chair.

They have to understand that they have to be here every week. Also if you can’t travel out of the country get someone who can go

Kris: how many options do you want for Ucypaa locations?

Wade: three

Group ramble 3+, 5

Kriss: the only reason I ask is because we have 150 sites that fit the regulations I want a few so we can have specific ones rotating around and make an educated decision to go to.

Wade: can this place hold this many people, hotel, pavilion, ect obviously we will have one we will really want to do it at

Rich: may I make a suggestion, pick your top ten

Wade: also, we should send some people to SALTYPAAs meeting treasure

Dave where is it?

Rich: I’ll go

Maggie: I can remind you

Wade: Dave should definitely go, rich please go, everyone who should go should go. Can I have a raise of hands who doesn’t have a co chair, can you guys get them to come to the next meeting?

9)Seventh tradition $11 total


11)Close with prayer

Meeting ends at 8:32 pm

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