Absent: Lauryn, Cierra communicated, attended 23

1)Serenity prayer

2)Wacypaa facts aims and purposes


4)Read minutes from last meeting

5)roll call Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports

ChaiR WADE: welcomes everyone new, we will talk in new business about things. Who isn’t on the fb page? (Charles, Spencer, Ethan, Grayson, Jessie**) no SALTYPAA events coming up.

Co-chair RICH: none

Secretary MAGGIE:

Treasure DAVE: we will have 56 dollars, and whatever we get from tonight

Facilities and hotels Kris/JACK: jack: I have done research on campsites for Ucypaa, I think the easiest thing to do would to pass the notebook around and do tallies, too 14 from Utah.com ***

Outreach SARAH: nothing to report


Gsl JOHN L: nothing to report, I wasn’t here last week but I got my work scheduled figured out gsl meeting is tomorrow talk to dsm about a letter of Rex from aa service for wacy and ucy

Arts and graphics:

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY: nothing to report, Ciera is in cali but won’t be back until late

Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: went to winter fest and got in contact with succypaa southern Utah committee.

Lgbtq chair BRYCE: nothing to report

H&I CHLOE: working on getting in contact with rehabs, waiting on Sarah. Looking for co chair

Unity IAN: nothing to report, I have a co chair his name is Adam. Planning march event.

7)Old business

Ucypaa and wacypaa themes, meeting every week, attendance

Ucypaa themes: “boiled as an owl” hivypaa has it this year in June and that is where we are going to present our bid. Come up with our theme. Only theme that has been seconded is boil as an owl.

Charles: the purge


Dave: rocketed into the 4th dimension


Rob; the 24 hours ahead of 86


Wade: queer ideas of fun

Motion to vote,second,objection,discussion,pass






Rocketed: pass

Boiled as an owl vs rocketed



Abstain: 3

Boiled as an owl is our theme

WACYPAA: motion was one of the themes was more will be revealed

We can motion to table it or motion to come up with ideas

Kriss: motion to table for at least 2 weeks

Rich: when is that due?

Mags: December

Wade: it’s coming up fast, due in December

Motion to table wacypaa theme, second, all in favor, pass.

8)New business, 7 positions :outreach co, gsl co, a&g, a&g co, lgbtq co, hi co, unity co, events co chair (if lauryn doesn’t show next week)

Spencer: I’m interested in h&i

Brennan: who is outreach chair : sea

Ian: motion to have Adam my co chair

Adam qualifies: I’m interested in getting into a smaller committee, getting involved in service. I have 9 months clean. Favorite color is green.

Second, all in favor, pass.

Brennan: I would be interested in outreach co chair

Sara: describes outreach chair

Brennan: never mind

Robert: I’ll do it

Sarah: nope

Wade: can you go out of state/Canada?

If you can’t go out of country your co chair must. Sarah can leave the country

(Explanation  as to why)

Robert: maybe next year.

Ethan: I’m interested in being outreach co chair but am not sure if I can’t leave state

Wade: Greyson

Greyson: I have no idea

Motion to postpone to next week

Motion to postpone location campsites

Motion to post locations to fb

Everyone look at sites to vote on location and look at positions to fill

9)Seventh tradition $18, 9 to facility $9 to group

New total is $69


11)Close with prayer

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