Start: 7:09 pm

Motion for a Phone list. second, all in favor, pass

Motion to adopt third legacy: second, all in favor, pass

Treasure and hotels: 2years: second, all in favor, pass

Chair Position

Dave: nominated Maggie and Wade

Maggie qualifies, wade qualifies

Wade is chair


Rich volunteers: rich, alcoholic 4/3/10, part of a couple of SALTYPAA events, nothing in a large service capacity. I did serve on the bylaws committee for central office and have served numerous others at CA. I haven’t had a service position in a while and I want to stay sober. I would like to learn more about wacypaa so I can be more useful at the bid.

Rich is cochair


Maggie volunteers as tribute: Sobriety date is 10/15/16. I have served as the secratary for SALTYPAA for about a year and a half to two years. I have been involved in ypaa since 2013, attending confrences, events, and being involved in the ypaa community. I like to take notes. I really would like this position. My favorite color is black.

Second, all in favor, pass

Maggie is secretary

Treasure: Gibson (SALTYPAA TREASURE)


Nominated and volunteered Dave

Dave: I’m an alcoholic, 9/1/3, first got sober was on Ucypaa, SALTYPAA started in my back yard around a fire, I am very good with money, making money do things that it shouldn’t do. I like the idea of being s part of this whole thing because it’s good for your sobriety. I want to be more supportive, back people up and I love the idea of the cochair. My favorite color is chartreuse.

second, all in favor, pass

Dave is treasure co chair

Hotel facilities chair 

Nominated Kriss

Kris: Sobriety date is June 3,2011. First conference was Icypaa in San Francisco, I was 2 months sober before I got my first chair position as refreshments chair for SALTYPAA. I have been on UCYPAA host and was on UCYPAA advisory council for 5 years, it just turned over. I have been to countless wacypaa’s. I can’t go out of the country for legal issues, I have people I can lean on as far as previous hotel chairs, I have the time to take days off to make arrangements because I am my own boss. The co-chair has to go to wacypaa this year.

second, all in favor, pass

Kriss Ross is Hotel and Facilities Chair

Cochair for hotels and facilities

Jack stands for cochair

Jack: alcoholic. May 28, 2015. I love aa. I’m involved in ca, haven’t been involved in YPAA. I am a young person and I am sober and it just feels right.

second, all in favor, pass

Jack is Hotels and Facilities Co-cair

General service Liaison  

John L stands l

Sobriety date is November 27 of 2015. I have been around SALTYPAA the majority of that time on the peripherals, I didn’t want to loose a vote my ego couldn’t have it

second, all in favor, pass

John L is the General Service Liaison

General Service Liaison Cochair: *******************

Events chair: Kelby 

Events co chair

Lauryn is nominated

Lauryn: in Lauryn in alcoholic. I haven’t ever done any YPAA service. I will take a lot of instruction. I am excited to be of service I think it would be good for my recovery. Favorite color is Forrest green like evergreen

Second, all in favor, pass

Lauryn is events cochair 

Outreach chair (communicating with wacypaa and other bid cities and getting connected with wacypaa as a whole)

Sarah is nominated

Sarah: I’m Sarah alcoholic. I have been outreach on a non aa committee before. I talk to a lot of people from out of state on Facebook and stuff

second, all in favor, pass

Prayer Chair

Joe is nominated, Shane is volunteering

Joe: first time I have tried to get into any committee. I’m trying to actually work a program my sobriety date is sept 23 of 2016. I want to have a service position

Shane: I’m from Michigan I came to Utah September 22, started going to aa in November. I really like it and want to get involved more. I think it sounds like fun to say shut up.

Prayer Co-chair

((Notion that whoever gets elected, the runner up becomes co chair, all in favor, passed))

Jo is elected, Shane is co chair 

Second, all in favor, pass

Arts and graphics chair

Motion to table this one, second, passed **************************

Programs chair (sets up programs for event)

Nominate Ashley, Ciera volunteers

Ciera: I’m alcoholic, I’m super organized. Martha Stuart is my idol. I will cut you. It sounds like something I would be good at. I like to do fun stuff. Sobriety date is 21 of August 2014

Ashley:November 9 of 2014. Sounds like something I am capable of doing. It sounds stressful to me. I haven’t had a real service commitment in 2 years

Second, All in Favor, Pass

Ciera is Programs Chair

Programs Co Chair

Ashley is Programs Co-chair 

In-reach chair.

Nominated Jake and Mark

Mark: Alcoholic November 08

Jake: I have been involved with SALTYPAA for a few years, served on the committee. First conference was Ucypaa in St George. I like to travel, I have a car, I have money to drive places. I like mark.

Second, all in favor, pass

Mark is In-Reach Chair

In-Reach Co-Chair

Jake is In-reach Co-Chair

LGBTQ liaison

Nominate Bryce

Bryce: sobriety date is June second 2016. I haven’t been involved in YPAA before. I am gay. Indigo blue is my favorite color.

Second, all in favor, pass

Bryce is LGBT Liaison

LGBTQ Liaison Co Chair

Find a co chair.

H&I chair

Nominate Chloe, Jake says he can help

Chloe: sobriety date is 10/8/15. I have been to like 4 treatment centers in Utah. I like service work. My favorite color is a burnt orange.

Second, all in favor, pass

Chloe is H&I Chair

H&I Co Chair ***************************

Unity chair

Ian is nominated

Ian: alcoholic, January 5, 2017. I have never done anything like this before so I am very interested.

Ian is chair

Mikelle 10/7/14, I don’t have a house but I have an apt with a courtyard and a fire pit

I haven’t done anything as far as service goes and I’m her to feel out what service is. That’s me.

Second, all in favor, pass

Ian is Unity Chair

Unity Co-Chair

Mikelle is Unity Co-Chair

Wade: Phone list is being passed around. Name first and last, phone number, email.

Taylor: I really like the color turquoise. We are having the valentines day dance on Saturday, Febuary 11th. It’s our first event. Kelby and Lauryn are doing that. I’m sure we will all be seeing each other

Wade: motion to iron out everything. Figure out theme and stuff. Monday at 8:00.

second, all in favor, pass

Maggie: I will email position descriptions to everyone

second, all in favor, pass

Wade: motion to have Ian schedule an event for Febuary

second, all in favor, pass

Motion to close, second, all in favor, pass

Meeting ended at 8:15


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