1)Serenity prayer

2)Roll call, who is absent:


4)Read minutes from last meeting (available on www.saltypaa.org)

5)Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports


Co-chair RICH:

Secretary MAGGIE:

Treasure DAVE:

Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JACK: absent

Outreach SARAH/CHARLES/ETYAN: Charles: is going to Acypapa, what else do I need to do when I’m there?

Wade: lots of commuters will be there if you could get ahold of their committee chairs to give a letter of support. Ask for letter exchanges. I’m going to try to get a letter of recommendation from the governor because I’m going to be a lobbyist for the Va..

Sarah: getting letters of support

Events KELBY/BRENNAN: I’m going to get ahold of Kelby, I found a xo chair

Gsl JOHN L: talked to John r and I’m getting a template

Arts and graphics:

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY:

Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: talked to mishap for the event at Ucypaa, we can do something to contribute to the fallout. They are bringing a lot of people to our Monte Carlo night. I got to reach out. What are we going to do far as Money for saltypaa

Lgbtq chair BRYCE: karma is not coming. I announced at stonewall group meeting. I don’t know who to get as a cochair

H&I CHLOE/DEVIN: working on letter of support from treatment centers

Unity IAN/ADAM: gocart on the 25th

7)Old business: theme.

Discussion for wacypaa theme

More will be revealed is our theme

8)New business

Aaron: sobriety date march 3, 2016. Favorite color is orange/blue. Favorite animal is dogs


Wade: we need to get ahold of Kelby to help with Marty Carlo night.

H&I GSL we need letters in two weeks for Ucypaa and Wacypaa. Two different letters. We are going to start putting together our bid packet. Wacypaa updated it. If we build Ucypaa. Logo ideas. Unity event get everyone on board for event. Print phone list out.

9)Seventh tradition


11)Close with prayer

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