1)Serenity prayer
2)Roll call, who is absent: hell of a weekend
4)Read minutes from last meeting (available on www.saltypaa.org) approved
5)Vote to accept minutes: passed

6)Chair reports

ChaiR WADE: we are going to split into two groups to work on the bid packets. Chair, faucilities, events, programs, logo are meeting/ inreach, outreach, hi, co chair, glbtq are meeting to outreach to community to get letters. Then meet lady 10 mins. We are going to start organizing the conference, letters and making the packet. Think about building our wacypaa bid, using the Ucypaa bid. Everyone will read the bid packet. We need everyone to show up. We need to make a bid skit for ucy and definitely one for wacy. I’ll bring up ideas in new buisness. Unity and prayer chair can pick which group to go to (***make fb post****) IMPORTANT TO SHOW UP

MAP OUT WACYPAA (goal, start by mid may and go to mid year to get support.

Co-chair RICH:
Secretary MAGGIE: I neglected to print phone list

Treasure RICH:

Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JACK:

Outreach SARAH/CHARLES/ETYAN: nothing to report

Events KELBY/BRENNAN: maggie is texting saltypaa buisness meeting info

Gsl JOHN L: I have on for ucypaa

Arts and graphics:

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY:
Inreach chair MARK/JAKE:
Lgbtq chair BRYCE:
H&I CHLOE: working on letters of support

Unity IAN/ADAM: I would have been the only one to show up if Ethan didn’t call me, let me know before hand. Please communicate.

7)Old buisness
8)New buisness
Chloe: I would like to nominate Mary Ella for hi co chair
Mary Ella 28th of march 2014. Favorite color: orange favorite animal: tigers

Dates for mid year summit: unknown

Wade is getting ahold of wacy liesan

We need a new treasurer, rich is stepping in until we find one

Wade: our bid skit for wacy should be emotional terrorism. Make them feel their emotion. Ethos.

Next unity event is at wades house, we can all bring our dogs. Saturday the 22 at 6:00

Next week we will need all names of h&i
Events, start thinking of events for Ucypaa
Bring letters of reccomendation and contacts
We are going to split up next week, streamline. Doing the stuff. Goal to have it done by May 1st

Maggie needs to: Print 6 bid packets, print phone list 17 copies, print h&i document

9)Seventh tradition: $7.00

$91.00 total


11)Close with prayer

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