UCYPAA March 25 2018 Meeting Notes

UCYPAA Committee Meeting 

Conversation about increasing accountability for outreach; committee members commit to weekly attendance at meetings other than our normal meetings; discussion around importance of increasing awareness of conference as people in the valley largely aren’t aware of the conference. 

Conversation surrounding finalizing activities at the conference; climbing, hikes (night hike), yoga s’mores bar

Conversation about replacing Kelby as programs, potential panel discussion topics (“never a legal drop”), old-timers panel. Discussion of creating a programs subcommittee for panel topics/speakers.

September, Taylor, Christina, Ben, Christian, Pall, Grady, and Brian volunteer to participate on programs subcommittee. Meeting 1030 prior to UCYPAA committee meeting in two weeks.

Jonathon has created a script for us to announce the conference, Gibson has a flyer already formatted for same.

Further discussion of maximizing outreach efficacy re: flyer quality/dispensation, how to distribute fliers (leaflet chairs, reach out to secretaries).

Conversation about reaching out through social media to other YPAA groups (WACYPAA). 

Christian announces Ogden bomb squad trip for Saturday April 7th at 1200, reminding group members for activity.

Speakers: Victoria has committed to coming/speaking. PJ is willing to attend/speak at UCYPAA, but has questions regarding logistics of her attendance. Grady volunteers his aunt in TX to speak. September heard a prospective speaker (Kim K) at a meeting last night. We have committed to Victoria (Boulder), Hayden (PC), and ????. 

September motions to find a local speaker with long-term sobriety to replace PJ as a prospective speaker, seconded. Motion passes with none dissenting.

Brian as H+I chair requests a group conscience on pre-reg pricing for tx centers, committee decides not less than $16-17 a head absolute minimum w/out a continuing group conscience; $20 goal. Group gives brian permission to have such conversations on our behalf.

Conversation regarding what prospective attendants ought to bring to the conference.


-sleeping bag



-bug spray

-lunch food for Saturday.

-clothing for all weather

-good shoes



Pall suggests a potluck type event; group conscience is that it’s too logistically difficult.

Avery asks what the bathroom situation is; the group discusses not really knowing much about the site at present. Christina has spoken to REI about discounted snow shoes and suggests a group event to check out the campground. Christin says via website that bathrooms and water are accessible at the campsite. Pavilion is uncovered, there’s a horseshoe pit, volleyball court, tables. 

September suggests having weekly meetings for UCYPAA in the lead-up to the conference. Motion to have weekly committee meetings until conference, seconded. No one opposed. 

September gives a report on the Candlelight event. They’re frustrated with us because we committed to rep their event, which we didn’t do in any substantive capacity. September had a both set up at the dance and did some outreach. 

Jim (volunteer coordinator) expresses concerns with length and frequency of UCYPAA meetings at Central Office. Taylor speaks to his concerns; a decision is made for Doug (board chair) and Jonathon to have a conversation about how to move forward. 

Pall asks for direction re: decorations. He requests to attend the event to visit the Jordan Pines campground. Grady, Johnny and Brian volunteer to help.

motion to close.

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