Committee Meeting Minutes 2/10/2019

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes 

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Jonathan H, William M, Jake S, Josh M, Lisa C, Paul, Cassidy, Janessa, Jane, Stefanie [via teleconference], Maxwell [via teleconference], Forrest P

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Mark calls the meeting to order, asking Stefanie for a report on events for next week.

Events [Stef]:

Valentine’s event this Saturday. Stefanie is going to send out a spreadsheet/send something to the google drive to ask committee members to volunteer for service at the event. Mark encourages her to proactively reach out to members for service coverage at the event. Stefanie needs another speaker for the panel at the event, Jackie has a scheduling conflict that will prevent her attendance. There is protracted discussion about replacing the speaker.

Meetings during the event:

8:15: Todd and Wendy E [Relationships/Marriage in Sobriety]

9:15: [TBD]

10:15: Jonathan H [Book of More Men]

Beverages [Bryce]: 

Forrest sent the inventory that we currently possess to Bryce, we need ~4 cases of energy drinks and more seltzer. 

[Stefanie and Bryce lose connection and the call is terminated]

Motion to approve $100 open refreshments budget [Mark] seconded [Jonathan]; motion passes unanimously.

Maxwell voices concerns over the proposed budget being insufficient to the needs of the event. 

Josh says that we need a projector for the event. He has concerns over the connections of the console to the projector. 

Cassidy mentions a couple prospective replacement female panel speakers. 

Outreach [Maxwell]: 

Maxwell reports that everyone who signed up to announce our event did so; he reports having checked in the with committee members for accountability and lists a variety of meetings to which we outreached. Maxwell asks the committee to reach out to Cutthroat about the event, Brian C commits to doing so. Maxwell requests that if committee members are unable to secure a replacement for their announcing upcoming UCYPAA events, they should reach out to Maxwell so he can find someone to replace you. Jonathan suggests that committee members “sharpen the focus” in announcing in the week or two leading up to the event, becoming more specific in their announcements about the event.

Mark reports that Taylor is planning on posting on local Facebook groups this week and start a meme campaign to build enthusiasm/awareness for the events. Mark asks the committee members to be attentive to this happening, and follow through with including members of their online AA network.

Jonathan [bomb squad]:

The St. George trip is potentially evolving to an overnight event. Mark, Jonathan, and Taylor are driving; if you’d like to attend, reach out to one of them. We need banners and etc. for promotion. [in discussing the prospective banner, Cassidy gives a report on the prospective logo on which she’s been working]. The committee discusses using Vistaprint again for printing informational business cards/a banner. Jonathan will be point of contact for ridesharing for the event. 

The committee discusses creating a Facebook event page for the conference.

There is discussion surrounding whether to make the prospective banner say UCPAA or SALTYPAA.

Motion [Lisa C] to print a  table-size banner that says “UCYPAA [whatever logo]” and business cards [budget of ~$100] , seconded [Jonathan]; passes unanimously.

William [Unity]: 

William makes another request for any special needs people have re: food (food allergies, vegetarian/vegan, etc), says he needs help with a vehicle and money to purchase the food [to be reimbursed via donation at the event]. The event will be at 10:30AM on Sunday March 3rd. There is potential discussion of activities for the event. William invites the other members of the committee to bring games. 

3rd Legacy Event [Lisa C]:

The GSC is May 19th, the Area post-conference assembly is June 7-9th. We are looking to schedule the event at a time that doesn’t conflict with other AA events in May. Prospective dates are 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, or 24-26. The committee discusses whether to have the event be a one-day event or a weekend long event; the conscience of the committee coalesces around a 1-day event. Lisa shares experience germane to tradition/concept workshops she’s attended in the past. There are various ideas as to how best to facilitate the learning experience at the event and what it “looks like.” There is open conversation about what future events could look like. 

Jake puts out a request to the group for Donna for volunteers for helping to host the Pre-Conference Assembly; the group discusses sending a delegation of volunteers to help host. Jake will facilitate communication between Mark N and Donna for the volunteer from SALTYPAA to the PCA. The group sees a synergistic opportunity between a) our upcoming 3rd legacy event and an opportunity to promote it, b) our obligation as a part of the broader AA service structure to participate and contribute, and c) to meet the need the WAC bid has identified with becoming more participative and involved in the broader AA service structure, per the feedback of the Advisory Committee for WAC in Boise. 

Forrest pitches the idea of a joint venture with the Stonewall meeting. No substantive details are discussed, though the idea of bringing them into the Talent Show idea is floated. 

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