Committee Meeting Minutes 3/10/19

Committee Meeting Minutes

Jonathan H, Lisa C, Brian C, Josh M, Jake S, Tiffany, Ian, James H, Forrest P, William M, Lee, Stefanie, Bryce, Mark [via teleconference]


The meeting opens with introductions, as there are a handful of new committee members present.

There is a recap on the “Eat Your Heart Out” anti-Valentine’s day event. Jake reports logistical problems with the scheduled timing of the speaker, otherwise no issues. He reports feeling like it was “a bit of a cluster-****;” his feedback is that at the next event we not schedule so many meetings/speaker events next time (or at least organize it more effectively). James reports that he feels things went smoothly, particularly the food and beverage. 

Forrest (treasurer):

Forrest reports having made money on food and beverage, without exhausting the supply and gives a more detailed breakdown of the finances for the event, to be posted to the website separately. The net profit for the event was $296.99. The UCYPAA committee received an endowment from the Foothill YP group of $87. 

Reserve fund: $500, registration $100, $3218.70 cash on hand. 

There is some confusion over whether Eric [the events chair] is still intending to fulfill the obligations of his position. Mark/Taylor to reach out to Eric. 

There is discussion surrounding better execution for the competition potluck portion of the event.

-Agenda Item: programming.

The committee is asked to start thinking about programming ideas for the event. There is some discussion about the astronomy festival which will be happening concurrently, as well as hiking, cooking a whole pig, and having meetings at Ruby’s Inn (a local restaurant, in the event of inclement weather). 

There is conversation about the appropriate disbursement of the cash on hand, relating to group conscience and etc.

Jonathan (Bomb Squad):

Gives a report on the trip to Dixie Winterfest in St George to hype the conference; he reports our outreach being well received. 

He further states that Bomb Squad will be going to Vegas next weekend. Jonathan is driving; if you’re interested in helping outreach, reach out to him. 

The 4CYPAA event is coming up as well, Jonathan mentions it for committee members to consider. 

Valley Camp (in Ogden) needs outreached; Lisa C volunteers to do so. The committee gives some feedback about the location. 

Jonathan mentions the committees intention to more consistently outreach to the North Valley as well as to HVYPAA.

There is a graphic for the logo for the conference; a tattoo-style circle-triangle image. Stefanie mentions that the graphic could be centered better. 

Lisa (3rd Legacy):

Lisa voices concerns about combining the prospective 3rd Legacy event with the Field Day. She explains what a Field Day is to the committee and says she imagines it being difficult to balance attendance. The group discusses ways to incentivize attendance at the panels/speakers. There is discussion surrounding what the panels/speakers would speak on/how long, and prospective activities. The group conscience seems to coalesce around having an ~4 hour event. The conversation appears unfinalized, but we discuss having a 1.5 hour meeting, half on Traditions, half on Concepts, with a 10-15 minutes smoke break. 

By a process of elimination, May 11th is selected as the date for the event. June 1st is selected as a back-up date if May 11th doesn’t work. 

New Business:

Forrest reports that an organization called Create Real Change (makes films bringing attention to mental health issues) for the Labeled festival coming in May 11th from 12-6PM. They have invited UCYPAA to come participate in the event, participating in a panel.

Jake reports having spoken to the woman coordinating volunteers from UCYPAA to help set up the pre-conference assembly. He gives a brief report on what the Pre-Conference Assembly is. The PCA is 4-5/6/7. Volunteers are needed for Registration and Hospitality. The volunteer coordinator is looking for volunteers in 2-hour shifts and she needs 1 each spanish-speaking and english-speaking volunteers per 2-hour time window. 

Brian rescinds the H+I position. There is conversation about what the H+I position entails and the importance of the job. 

Wiliam gives a brief report on the Pancake Breakfast. 

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