Committee Meeting Minutes 3/24/19

Committee Meeting Minutes 

Present: Mark N, Brian C, William M, Trevor P, Josh M, James H, Jake S, Bryce, Stefanie, Taylor H, Owen G Jonathan H, Maxwell, Forrest P, Tiffany

Agenda Item- Graphics/Merch

Cassidy is designing the postcard flyer being printed via vista print.

Owen: Owen reports that Cassidy was struggling with the graphic design details and Owen didn’t have time to help, so he reached out to Jeff C to design a logo for the conference. Owen has sent the image to the group; it is a tattoo-style logo with the circle/triangle and “UCYPAA” in bold lettering. He mentions that the group could vote on the logo if anyone has objections to it. He has priced mugs and T-shirts at roughly the same prices of last year’s conference. All fees included, the price of the mugs is ~$2.50/each. Owen says that the pricing of the mugs will increase by 2x if we got them printed in color. Coffee mugs and T-shirts were ~$600-700 if printed in B+W. Owen explains some of the differences in the various fabrics that are available for merch printing. 

Agenda Item- Conference News

Mark reports attempting to contact the hotel, to no avail. He will be reaching out again this week for a room block (~15) and appeals to the group whether that’ll be a sufficient number of rooms. There is discussion about securing an indoor conference space as a part of the room block negotiations, particularly as regards showing experience with negotiating for the future WAC bid. 

Outreach report-

Maxwell: Maxwell asks the members if they’ve seen the Outreach Master list; it’s accessible via the GoogleDocs invite Mark offered committee members. Reach out to Mark or Maxwell if you have questions. 

Taylor: Asks for assistance in online outreach, and acknowledges that he could be more in active in promotion the conference as well. Jake volunteers to be Communications Co-Chair. Mark nominates, seconded [Brian]; motion passes unanimously. 

Stefanie nominated for H+I chair, seconded [Maxwell]; approved unanimously.

Forrest nominated for H+I co-chair, seconded [Mark]; passes unanimously.

Stefanie and Forrest ask for input from the group and support in an H+I subcommittee.

Agenda Item- 3rd Legacy Event

Lisa [in absentia]: we have secured a pavilion at Sunnyside park on May 11th all day. Mark has reserved a baseball field as well from 1:30-4:30 PM. There are prospectively other fields available that we could use, but they’re reserved and will be available only if the people who reserved them don’t show up. 

Motion for Treasurer to reimburse Lisa for the expenses of the booking [seconded Stef]; passes unanimously]. 

Mark runs through some of the lawn games under consideration for the event.

Lisa has a food budget of $170 proposed. She suggests committee members bring food/chips/etc.

Total proposed event budget: $300

The proposed programming is 3 speakers for 20 minutes a piece. 

There is group discussion over whether or not all the traditions ought to be discussed during the event.

There is a vote on whether to cover all 12 traditions, or to allow the speakers to have a choice of which traditions to speak on; there is substantial unanimity for in support of all the traditions being covered. 

Jakes reports that he’s been having some difficulty in communicating with the woman who’s organizing the pre-conference assembly; he reports that she’s expecting anyone volunteering at the PCA that eats or stays beyond the length of their volunteer commitment to pay the $15 registration fee. 

Agenda Item- Bomb Squad

Jonathan: Discussion of some organizational strategies for Bomb Squad moving forward. 

Agenda Item- Finance report


$500 prudent reserve, $100 registration, $3,218.7 otherwise.


Paid $108 for the facilities for the 3rd Legacy Event

Paid: $80 for St George outreach expenses

Unity [William]: 

William would like to schedule another Unity event in the near future, more details TBD. Mark suggests developing a plan and coming back to the group next week.

There is group discussions surrounding the prudence and necessity of co-hosting an event with Stonewall. The concerns are surrounding burning out the committee members in the lead-up to the conference; Taylor cautions not to overburden ourselves. 

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