Committee Meeting Minutes 6/16

Committee Meeting Minutes

Subject: Mark N, Forrest P, Alex K, Brian C, Gibson G, Owen G, Taylor H, Jake S, Jonathan H, Stephen L, Crystal

H+I (Forrest):

Forrest is wondering whether or not it’s worth it to reach out to Wilderness programs in southern UT, it being so close to the time of the conference. The conscience of the committee is that it makes sense to reach out to Legacy (and other programs). There is conversation among committee members about how to facilitate outreach effectively. 


Mark reads the committee members the schedule for the conference; this will be posted in a separate post. 

The committee discusses the logistic of the registration table, ultimately deciding to have registration be indoors to reduce the number of volunteers necessary and to make it more comfortable for the facilitator. 

There is group discussion around the logistics of getting attendees to the physical start point for the midday hike, as well as having two separate hikes. There are an easy and a moderate difficulty hike. Owen is tasked with selecting the hikes, following group input about possibilities. 


Alex volunteers to go pick up dinner, as she’s been coordinating the project anyway, Forrest to go with her to assist. 


Last-minute preparations:

-Food shopping:_____________


-Cooler: Jonathan


-Park passes: Lisa, Taylor

-Name Tags:______________

-Square reader, petit cash, beverages: Forrest

-Extra gear: whoever has it (tents, bags, pads, food, etc)

-Snack food: Maxwell

Forrest suggests preparing the name tags/lanyards prior to arriving at the conference, citing difficulty last year with setting them up as conference-goers arrived. 

There will be a “name tag party” on Wednesday 6/29 at Mark’s house.


There is protracted conversation surrounding how to do food. Committee members have concerns about the price (and quantity) of food from the pizza joint that Alex priced out; the conversation eventually circles back to the idea of cooking the Saturday night meal (burgers).

The conscience of the committee is that we will cook hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers for the Saturday night meal. Mark will bring grills, Maxwell will get the food, and Brian will cook it Saturday night. 


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