Committee Meeting Minutes 6/14/19

Committee Meeting (UCYPAA Debrief)

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Taylor H, Forrest P, Gibson G, Jonathan H, Alex K, Lisa C, Jake S,

Agenda Item: Conference Recap

The general feedback from attendees was positive; the committee states that we did well with organization. Some members of the committee expressed that a physical copy of the program would have been useful. There is discussion surrounding the confusion re: where people were dropped off for the group hike. 

Mark brings up the language that was used in the first speaker, asking the committee if we should edit out the troublesome language that was used. The committee is in agreement. 

There is further discussion of the ways in which to manage issues with making the schedule available without using a bunch of paper. Taylor mentions an ‘industry standard’ of making programs available on an app, rather than on paper. 

Jake suggests that the committee members check out the venue in person prior to the event happening, that this might help with the general organization of the event in the future. 

Lisa suggests that these are helpful concerns for Advisory to bring to the next Host committee.

Finances (Forrest):


308- treatment

475- at-event registration

267- drinks

105- mugs

255- shirts


$3151.68 net income from conference. 

Asterisks next to line items in final budget report denote expenses already paid; exclamation points denote expenses that have yet to be paid. 

The hotel has been difficult to get ahold of for us to pay for the use of the conference space; the conscience of the committee is to make our best-faith effort to pay them what we owe.

Total cost $4,602.07

(upon reflection, Forrest notes that the final cost is off by ~$200.)

Had we charged the additional $9/10 for the second night of camping, the conference would have been a loss of ~$250.

$2,476.09 cash on hand at final count.

Final tally: conference is a net loss of $1,450.39, without correcting the mistakes in the spreadsheet.

Agenda Item: Unity Events

Agenda Item: WAC bid

The WAC bid committee discusses having a meeting to prepare a bid packet prior SWACYPAA so we can present a bid at SWAC. As there is only a a month until SWAC, there isn’t time to have permanent elections prior to the conference. The committee discusses how to present a proper bid; Mark volunteers to procure a few provisional contracts to be a part of the bid at SWAC. 

The group decides to hold elections for WACYPAA bid committee on September 8th at Central Office at 11:00AM.

Agenda Item: UCYPAA Advisory

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