9/13/20 Minutes

  1. Open with serenity prayer (Ariea)
  2. Elections
    1. Communications: no one stood for position
    2. Prayer: no one stood for position
    3. Unity: Joni
    4. Events: Luke
    5. Programs: Taylor
    6. Facilities: no one stood for position
    7. Newsletter: no one stood for position
    8. Webmaster: Alex
    9. Achieves: no one stood for position
    10. Memorabilia: no one stood for position
    11. Decorations: no one stood for position
    12. Refreshments: Cisco
    13. Graphics and fliers: no one stood for position
    14. Greetings: no one stood for position
    15. Clean-up: Trevin
    16. Usher: no one stood for position
    17. Tickets and raffle: no one stood for position
  3. What do we want to see SALTYPAA do the next couple of months?
    1. Ideas
      1.  Lisa: let’s do some unity events and get to know each other; hype up to attract more people.
      2. Ariea: we will have an events person at some point but as a group we can work together to create an event. Everyone should come with ideas; let’s bring fellowship to SLC young people.
      3. Forest: outdoor style events would be good for current situation. Softball league? Volleyball tournament? A field day! Kickball.
      4. Joni – potluck, everyone brings something to contribute; it is starting to get colder outside
      5. Ariea: karaoke at the alano club à respect your elders (Alano club board appreciation event)
    2. BBQ for September
      1. Budget – $200-$300
        1. Luke and Trevin will price out food at Costco
        2. Trevin has a minivan to pick up food
      2. Sugarhouse
        1. Booked for $90
        2. Forrest lives near the park and can store items prior to event
      3. Saturday 9/26
      4. Refreshments
        1. Grill burgers and hotdogs; throwing an event like that to fundraise would be an easy thing to do.
          1. Covid rules around serving food
          2. Forrest knows someone with grill; Kole has one
        2. Drinks
          1. Cisco: will oversee drinks
          2. We have an inventory of past energy drinks.
      5. Plan for 50 attendees or under to be in alignment with Covid restrictions
      6. Charge an entry fee to fundraise; suggested donation, no one turned away
  4. Next steps for BBQ
    1. visit meetings to make announcements
    2. Meet up next weekend (Sunday, 9/20; time TBD) to continue planning
      1. Come up with activities at the next meeting
      2. touch based on what everyone has done, what we need to do before the 26th
  5. More new business
    1. Lisa: treasurer, we have $1,718.41 in the bank
    2. Motion (Lisa): spend $109 on a PO box for SALTYPAA
      1. Forest seconds
      2. Our bank account, credit card, other accounts are linked to old treasurers and their addresses. The PO box will be put on the bank account so it rotates smoothly.
      3. Called to question (Ariea) – passes unanimously
  6. Motion to close: Taylor
    1. Joni second
  7. End with the responsibility statement