10/11/20 Meeting Minutes

Opened with serenity prayer

Aria- people have positions that have gone out, so we’re saying that those positions are up.


Open positions

  1. Communications: no one stood for position
  2. Facilities: no one stood for position
  3. Newsletter: no one stood for position
  4. Achieves: no one stood for position
  5. Memorabilia: no one stood for position
  6. Decorations: no one stood for position
  7. Greetings: no one stood for position
  8. Usher: no one stood for position
  9. Tickets and raffle: no one stood for position

Erik A was elected as the co-chair for the unity position

Jake – went to the district 2 planning committee for the fall workshop; expressed interest in us participating. We need to be involved in general service to bid in the future. They need help setting up chairs and tables, and delivering food to people. November 7th and 8th at the Tooele Alano Club. Going to post signup sheet on slack. It’s hybrid. We just need to show up and be willing to be of service. Go that day in person, wear a mask, and be of service.

Group discussed; yes, we’re willing to help.

Jake – we should get flyers made for this meeting so we can distribute to local districts and they know we exist; when we meet. Would like paper flyers and digital. We could include the zoom info.

Gibson is the flyer person.

Jake – we talk about the traditions once a month at 6pm (second Sunday)

Group should read tradition 1 before next month’s meeting.

Aria- Halloween event?

Forest – we have three weeks to create an event Friday or Saturday night.

Aria – CA is having a Halloween party on Friday 10/30

Trevin – Halloween would be good for new comers

Forest – we have a hard time competing with CA because they can turnout; we do not want to set the same day.

Aria – combine with karaoke here at the alano club; masks would be mandatory

Kole – sell energy drinks, etc

Forest – mugs and t shirts also sold well

Lisa – can we sell stuff here since alano sells?

Aria – yes that’s fine; they’re not selling stuff. We could also do a raffle.

Taylor – would be nice to have something outside too

Aria- trunk or treat could be fun

Forest – costume contest

Cole – pumpkin carve contest?

Forest – we’ve done that before and people like it

Aria – prizes?

Mugs and t shirts? King size candy bars? Tattoo gift certificates

Lisa – donations have to be from an aa member

Forest – let’s do a 50-50 raffle

To-do list:

  • Prizes à Erik will go get prizes (make an estimate and let us know to approve)

Meet on the 25th to keep planning

Lisa and Kole will meet up to exchange tickets. $1 each

Aria needs to see if they’re doing karaoke

Forest – decorations

We need a proposal to give to the alano club – date, intentions, how we’ll follow covid guidelines. We must have the volunteer parts covered.

Yes we can sell energy drinks, etc outside. We can use the ice and coolers of the alano club.

Budget for decorations?

We need to tell Gibson what to put on the flier

Shelly will come up with decorations ideas

We need to make an event for the Halloween party – Jake will make the fb event.

8pm, ends at 11pm – contest at 9:30pm.

Best costume, best mask, best pumpkin

Sell chips? Give candy for free.

Donation fee? $5 suggested donation

Forest will write the bid for alano club; include fire outside.

We need a member list and phone list – we can do that at next meeting.

Max occupancy – 59 in chairs; don’t push 65 if we have masks on and no chairs.

It’s at 8pm ß

Lisa – Treasurer report

expense- 263.55
Income- 379
Profit- $115.45

SALTYPAA current monies
Total- $1492.42
Prudent reserve- $601.62 (included in total)

Grill situation was taken care of.

Motion to close – Aria; Forest seconded