2-21-21 Meeting Minutes

Hybrid Meeting (Zoom and Alano Club)

Ariea – How’s it going?

Jake – At Alano club; concerned because there’s no doors and someone complained about noise.

Ariea – Alano club knows we’re meeting there at this time.

Shelly – I can start doing in-person in April

Jake – As we move to lower covid cases we can start planning more events for the future. UCYPAA is going to do something this summer. We could do a campout or something. General Service conference/ assembly in May in Davis County. We should help out there.

Ariea – We should have an event.

Forest – an outdoor, in-person meeting.

Shelly – agreed but after it warms up.

Lisa – Outdoor meeting with fellowship; something not too complicated. Yard games. Sledding while it’s still snowy?

Forest – sledding at sugarhouse park or “Ness” canyon?

Ariea – when?

Lisa – March?

Ariea – we’ll talk about it at our March 14th meeting.

Jake – everyone bring ideas on March 14th. March 14th will be a normal meeting. March 21st at noon fellowship

Jake – are we still taking meetings into treatment centers?

Ariea – we haven’t gotten a scheduled yet for zoom.

Lisa – Treasurer’s report:
Checking- $847.80

Savings- $601.74

Petty cash- $102.00

Total- $1551.54

Motion to pay $10/month to the Alano club for back-rent.

Ariea – seconded the motion

Vote à Motion passes

Ariea – motion to close

Jake – will there be a zoom link available for next meeting?

Forest – will provide zoom link so we can advertise at meetings.

Meeting closes.