3/14/21 Meeting Minutes

Ariea- Do we want to plan an event?

Jake – something outside is fine

Shelly – outdoors

Taylor – seconded

Ariea – planning an outside campout for July?

Jake – end of April/early May. Hiking and potluck with fire? 6pm Meeting.

Lisa – Millcreek for location; will look into. Date?

May 1st – “Spring Free”

Ariea will find a speaker

2pm for hike; games start at 4pm

Ariea – potluck concerns with covid?

Shelly – maybe brownbag lunches instead?

Aaron – tell people what to bring for potluck

Jake – does Forest have drinks?

Forest – yes

Jake – bring whatever you have

Forest – confirmed

Lisa – sub sandwiches and pb&j

Jake – premade instead of making sandwiches

Trevin – looking into sandwiches and snacks. Will work with Lisa for budget.

We’ll come back next meeting for final decisions.

Jake – Area is meeting in person. Post conference assembly in Farmington May 14th-16th. Delegate reached out for SWACYPAA in California. Looking for contacts to broaden AA attendees. UCYPAA cancelled.

Lisa – treasurer’s report

Petty Cash- $102
Savings- $601.77
Checking- $831.80
Total- $1541.57

Paid club the backpay.