9/26/2021 Meeting Minutes

Opened with introductions and serenity prayer.



Possible events in the future such as campouts ect. New ideas welcome! 

St. George YPAA bid on an event in the area. Possibility to co-host events with their committee! Outreach (Matt) will communicate with them.


Read last meeting minutes


Total amount in checking: $1,536.03

Prudent: $600

Petty: $102

Checking: $888.28

Shelly will become signer on account, also working on a current venmo

Rent is current. 

Events: not present

3rd legacy:

Once a month, meet early to go through traditions

Group inventory


Halloween party?

Old business:

New meeting time


Weeknights don’t seem to work, Sundays at noon may be best. 

Aria makes a motion to keep meetings Sunday at noon, Shelly seconds. Motion passed.

Meeting Frequency


Motion made by Aria, second by James.

Motion passed.

Clarified rules of order for our committee- (motions, discussions, ect.)

New business:

Halloween event

Aria: make sure it doesn’t conflict with another 12 step fellowships event. Trunk or treat, karaoke.

Kole: Haunted house

Trevin: CA has club the 30th

Matt: hold event Friday before. 

Sean: can we combine 12 step fellowships (no). Group rates for haunted houses. 

Central office newsletter: use it as a tool to give general info about where to find SALTYPAA events, including our Halloween event.

Table discussion for next meeting.


Not private FB page. Make current page private? Members can invite other members. 

Clara made motion to take current page and make it private. James second.

Motion passed.

Filling open positions:


Jordan stands.

Chris stands.

Jordan is elected



James stands.

James is elected


Rory stands.

Rory is elected.



Events co-chair:

Chris stands.

Chris is elected.

Secretary co-chair:

Emily stands.

Emily is elected. 

Treasurer co-chair:

Next meeting will be held October 3rd at 12pm.

Meeting adjouned