4/10/2022 Meeting Minutes

SALTYPAA Meeting Minutes 4.10.22

11:35 Start Time


Lisa- Chair

Grant- Events

James- Webmaster

Areia – Prayer

Matt – Outreach

Secretary JAMES read minutes, minutes passed.


Shelly doing La Europe Tuesday April 12th.

Everyone showed up to area 29 pre-conference meeting. Went well. Encouraged others to outreach, connected with SWACYPAA, found contact for UCYPAA at event, Lisa will reach out.


Clara looked into various facilities:

Mt Olympus Presbyterian Church

3280 East 3900 South


Contacted, waiting on call back

Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church

175 South 700 East


Contacted, small kitchen, waiting on call back

All Saints Episcopal Church

1710 Foothill Drive

(801) 581-0380

Small kitchen, waiting on email back 

First Baptist Church

733 S. 1300 E. 



Central City Rec Center

Multi-purpose room 125 people 

Kitchen available

Saturday hours 9am-2pm 

$55 an hour

Salt Lake Christian Center 

Not renting to new groups at this time. 


No Report

3rd Legacy-

Tradition study next meeting April 24th


Made flyer for mid-year elections. Made private facebook page. Meeting minutes up to date. 


Looked into dodgeballs online. Blow up are cheaper than foam. Blow up ~$20/6 balls, foam ~$45/6 balls.

Old Buisness:

Brighten recovery has community space – Lisa to get more info about kitchen/cost. Possibility for pancake luncheon or other events. They have a kitchen.

Kickball event – after there mid-year elections

-Fairmont Park

-Mt. Olympus

-Murray Park – Closest to Alano club, probably best option

-Big cottonwood regional

-Motion to hold kickball after Mid-Year elections – passed

-Time 1:30 – 3:30 PM

-Lisa to bring hot dogs and method to cook them

-Lisa looking into pavilion 

-Charlie to bring grill

Motion to close 12:26PM

Closed with serenity prayer.