UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes 5-6-18

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: (Taylor via teleconference), Anders, September, Christina, Kelby, Brian, Pall, Jonathon, Mark, Ben, Tom, Johnny

Taylor requests that the committee fill in the blank spots in the schedule.

A volunteer list has been created for the greetings tent.

Taylor suggests we make UCYPAA water bottles for $9 cost and sell for $12.

Christina volunteers to help with mercy (coffee mugs); she’s already priced them out at $2/piece.

Jonathon suggests Dog Lake as the location for the night hike rather than Donut Falls (the latter is pretty busy for hosting a meeting).

Pall requests input from the group about what signage will be necessary. He has some ~16×24 roadside signs as well as a printer capable of printing larger signs. There is a protracted conversation about signage that will be necessary.

The Central Office Volunteer is listening to Muzak while the committee is meeting; “Chariots of Fire” plays while we wrap up the signage conversation, making it particularly triumphant.

Pall volunteers to print a run of 11×17 posters for the event, to be distributed at local AA haunts.

Christian teleconferences in to announce our Bomb Squad outreach event at Valley Camp (in Eden UT) at 20:00 (“Meeting in the Mountains” on the Northern UT AA website.

Anders asks for support in getting raffle prizes for the conference. He has $160 towards prizes but solicits the support of the group in securing more.

COV is now listening to Josh Groban; it is terrible, though still triumphant.

There is a circuitous and contentious conversation about “Salt Lake City Punk [lulz].”

Sarah McLachlan’s “Arms of the Angels” is playing.

New list of meeting/panel topics:
Death Panel [panel #1]
(loss, grieving [5 stages], suicide, overdose,),

Life Panel [panel #2]
(adulting, friends, goals, bills, etc.)

never had a legal drink,
powerlessness (first step [I can’t even]),
varieties of service experience,
queerness/LGBT-specific concerns [inclusion/respect of marginalized groups]
medication in sobriety and mental illness
spirituality vs religion in AA/god HP/healing from religious injury
Adapting to a geographic change in sobriety
helping someone in active addiction [“asking for a friend”]
detachment/acceptance/3rd step [miss me with that gay shit {used ironically}]
progress not perfection

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