SALTYPAA 2020 Elections

Welcome all

Nikki: My plan for this meeting is to run through the by-laws and give a description of positions. Since there aren’t many people on the dot should we wait for others to join?

Forrest: Sure

Forrest: Should we just start so that for the new people we aren’t just sitting around waiting?

Nikki: Let’s do that

Nikki: *Begins reading bylaws*

Jake: A quick comment, any and all requirements for positions can be waved by group conscience correct?

Nikki: To my understanding, yes

Nikki: *Resumes reading bylaws*

Nikki: So would anyone like to nominate or volunteer themselves as Chair?

Jake: And there are 5 different essential chair positions correct?

Nikki: Yes, *lists positions*

Andy: I nominate Ariea

Nikki: Ok, Ariea would you qualify yourself?

Ariea: *qualifies herself*

Jake: So now it would be where we ask you to leave the room and we’ll discuss it and then have you come back in

Ariea: I’d also like to nominate Kole

Nikki: Kole, would you like to qualify yourself?

Kole: *qualifies himself*

Maxwell: So what we would do now is that the two people standing would leave the room and we’ll deliberate on the two candidates

*Group deliberates*

Nikki: Alright Ariea, the group has voted you in as the new chair

Nikki: Next is the treasurer position, would anyone like to stand?

Lisa: I’ll stand

Nikki: Ok, would you qualify yourself please?

Lisa: *Qualifies herself

Jake: Congrats Lisa, you won

Forrest: While Nikki manages to get back on, I’ll read the bylaws for the next position. *reads bylaws*. Would anyone like to stand?

Shelley: I would

Kole: I would

Forrest: Would you both qualify yourself?

*both qualify themselves:

Forrest: Ok thank you both, would you step out so we can vote?

*Group votes*

Nikki: Congrats Shelley, you are the new secretary

Nikki: Next is the third legacy, *explains position*

Jake: I nominate Forrest

Forrest: *qualifies himself*

Nikki: Ok Forrest, please step out and we’ll vote

Nikki: *explains outreach position

Multiple people: I nominate Kole

Kole: *Qualifies himself*

*Group votes*

Nikki: Alright Kole, you’re our new chair

Jake: What are the other positions?

Nikki: *Establishes other positions*

Nikki: Would anyone like to stand for these?

Nikki: Since no one seems to and we can elect people into these at a later date this seems to conclude elections. Normally we communicate through slack, we should get everyone set up. We also need to set a date for the next meeting

Forrest: It’s Ariea who decides when but it may be best to stick with Sundays for the meeting

Ariea: That sounds like it works well, that’s September 13th? Then we’ll meet at 6 then