9/20/20 Meeting Minutes

Pre-meeting conversation

  • Budget – Cisco has $100 for the event for refreshments
  • Jake: in the future we want to avoid holding events in conflict with the general assembly (which area 69 is next weekend; same as our BBQ).

Open with the serenity prayer


Open positions

  1. Communications: no one stood for position
  2. prayer person: Cody H.
  3. Facilities: no one stood for position
  4. Newsletter: no one stood for position
  5. Achieves: no one stood for position
  6. Memorabilia: no one stood for position
  7. Decorations: no one stood for position
  8. Graphics and fliers: Gibson
  9. Greetings: no one stood for position
  10. Usher: no one stood for position
  11. Tickets and raffle: no one stood for position

BBQ logistics

  • Budget
    • Top limit: $300
    • Space: $90
    • Luke: food and utensils, etc is $150
    • Cisco: drinks $100 (not included in the $300); we still have an inventory of drinks (about 100 cans)
  • Covid restrictions
    • One person serving
  • Advertising
    • Facebook event under the facebook page, assign people as hosts and they can invite people
    • Jake will build the invite
  • Location: we’re good with sugarhouse park
  • We need a sign for the pavilion
    • Can use the misc. funds to buy supplies to make the sign
    • Cody H will make the sign
  • We have two corn holes coming and other lawn games
  • Encourage people to bring their own chairs
  • We have a speaker
  • Speaker at 4, food at 5, game after
  • Help announce the event in meetings, etc
  • Luke will give the food to Forrest who lives by the park; will go to Costco on Thursday …
  • Shelly can bring her cooler
  • Forrest has grillers/ people who will make the food
  • Kole has a truck and can help haul items from Forrest’s to the park
  • 3pm to set up
  • Cisco will bring ice with the drinks
  • Aria can put together a flyer if the other person can’t
  • Speaker part of the meeting – do we need audio? We’ll find someone or maybe we could use our phones
  • We’ll get fliers to the alano club on Wednesdays and they’ll help spread the word
  • Donation table: $5-$10 suggested donation – staff it with someone
  • Venmo? Cannot use right now; we have square, we have paypal. We could use Lisa’s venmo – Lisa will provide a card for folks to reference the venmo
  • Shelly will see if she can get a folding table to use for registration

Set permanent date and time for SALTYPAA meetings (Jake) – this will be good for advertising

  • One time once a month (second Sunday of the month at 6:30pm) at the Alano club

General service event district 2 SLC, we should commit to helping at this in November

Hybrid meetings – have a computer here with us and people can zoom in and be apart of the meeting

Tyler has a zoom account we can use and will facilitate this meeting

UCYPAA will be hosted by Happy Valley (Provo, Orem) in 2021 – what do we want to bid for? Do we want to bid for WACYPAA or SWACYPAA Four quarters summit region? We should choose one and go for that one instead of spreading ourselves over many. They’re all next summer.

Next meeting: Sunday October 11th at 6:30pm

Motion to close – Luke, seconded by cisco