January 2016 Minutes

Meeting Starts: 6:04

Old Business: None

New Business:

Johnathan: Ony event we have coming up is Valentines day and Study Hall is now a Weekly thing, I am working on a flyer

Gibson: What is our progress on the future event?

Jonathan: We don’t have any yet

Gibson: Lets fundourshit

Jonathan: I have some money that we bought some drinks for an event.

Gibson: Who should we give the fundourshit money to?

Jonathan: You keep it, $30 for drinks, $3.00 for fundourshit

Lyndsey: What are we doing for valentines day?

Jonathan, Whoopie party, you bid on the meal and the girl/guy

Lyndsey: Ice Castles in Midvale starts on the 8th, date idea. There are slides

Johnathan:  The Ice Skating is its own thing

Lyndsey: Have we gotten a date yet?

Jonathan: No

Lyndsey: That seems to be the hardest thing to do

Jonathan: We could do the 12th or the 14th but people already have their plans

Lyndsey: Why dont we do the friday the 12th, Ice castles if we go during the week its 9:95, if we do weekend it would be 12:95

Gibson: I think iceskating is more in our budget and we should do a sub committee meeting and then bring the idea back and if we need to do a meeting with all of us before then we can. February 12th is Lincoln’s birthday…

Jonathan: I need review and eyes on this flyer right now it is just a busy block of text. I wrote this as a couple sentences that anybody can read.

we reviewed the flyer… What is is, where we meet then a blurb about saltypaa. this is not an aa meeting. Free street parking.

Lyndsey: What do we do if you are not there, do i need to fill in?

Jonathan: We can, but we don’t have to

Gibson: Put the thing in about parking, anything else?

Maggie: Motion to close

Fundourshit: $3.00

Meeting closes at 6:23 PM

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