April 2016 Minutes

Started at 7:30


Old Business:

Jonathan: I have stepped down from events chair

Kelby: I am stepping in as events chair, I have 4 years of experience in ypaa events in Huston

Gibson: Lets vote, all ion favor: PASSED

Jonathan: Lack of outreach for events

Forrest: Outreach chair needed


Shit is being discussed


New Business:


Jonathan: We do have a mass email account and should begin collecting emails for outreach


Forrest: One of the things I would suggest would be to get a present outreach chair


Taylor: Didn’t Maggie want to do it?


Gibson: Yeah good idea, Forrest stfu


Kelby: So when do we want to have our next event? Guy’s night and girl night for newcomers and stuff, we actually did it every night in Huston part of the committee’s job was to find someone’s house and we would clean it up


Gibson: may would be good because it is the week before swacypaa


K: It is good outreach for newcomers, gender separated, winners


Jonathan: What would you do?


Kelby: Organic, smoking cigarettes, poker, video games. Hanging out.


Tom is new to the group, favorite color is some variation of green it changes every day


Gibson: Campout ideas, maybe end of May or June


Taylor: We could do some non-overnight campouts


Rockport, Uintah’s, Bear Lake, West Desert, Moab,


Gibson: We might want to have some events closer to make it more accessible to the newcomer.


Kelby: Before events have the randevoo after a meeting and all go out


Jonathan: Overnight or day camp

Kelby: Overnight probably, biggest way to get people there is with interaction with newcomers, Rotator: if they are new, name, if they have a phone, phone number, description


Taylor: Facebook group, ride sheet, Google docs,


Jonathan: Use swacypaa as the main goal with these ideas


Gibson: all we should have to do is worry about getting people out there


Kelby: I will make a list of people driving, physical sheet: Name, phone number


Jonathan: Campout think if you want it to be sign up or open, some places you can


Taylor: What is a short-term event we can do to get people excited about saltypaa? An April function, we should announce the pie after every meeting


Kelby: who has phones this week?


Jonathan: Fun Squad and Phones became Fun Phones, we should grab people to go do classic skating, jump on it,


Maggie: We could have bbq’s at the park, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee


Forrest: We have $400


Maggie: So am I the outreach chair


Taylor: Super Smash Bros Competition


Forrest: I would spend 60 dollars to play ssb’s


Tom has Super Smash Brothers


Jonathan: Pool party at forests house


Taylor: Crystal Hot Springs & In and Out, it would be a good thing to arrange this month


Jonathan: 29, 30, and 31st


Kelby: Thursday-Sunday I am off the grid





Kelbykelbykelby92@gmail, COM


Send action items and I can do them


Fundourshit: $0


Motion to close



Meeting ended at 8:20

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