Committee Meeting Minutes 11/10/2019

Old Business

  • Flyers and Business cards – Jonathan, todo by Wednesday
  • WACYPAA bid theme had been tabled for thoughtful consideration
  • Bylaws subcommittee was created to update the text

Theme discussion

  • We don’t really like “I am responsible” as a group assembled. We want more people to be present to have a reasonable discussion. Motioned to be tabled until next meeting.

Bid status

  • Concerns over the timeline with the amount of work left to do
  • We will make a more formal bid committee, led by Lisa
  • The understanding is that we will not have a viable bid in time for this year, but that we should go forward and present what we can with a plan for next year (events, outreach, service that we plan to do)


  • Haunted House event went well
  • Ice Skating (Gallivan Center gives a discount for groups over 25), November 23rd in the evening

Next meeting

November 24th