11/24 Committee Minutes

Now in order
Chair was not here

Old Business
COncerns over the timeline with the amount of work left to do
Bid will not likely succeed regardless of effort

Bid Commitments Going Forward
Nikki- Willing to committ to going to LA/Driving there/ Anything and everything and creating a timeline for the future
William- Helping wherever needed/ Will go to WAC if possible
James- Will help wherever needed/ Cannot go to WAC
Henry- Will help to the best of ability/ cannot go
Jonathan- Has in depth knowledge of committee process/ is going
Nick- Committed to graphics and finances/ tenatively going
Alex- Unsure how much effort to put in on contracts- Answer: 1 for a token bid, 3 for real bid. Will discuss contracts with different hotels around the downtown area/Plans to go
Forrest- WIll help any way/ cannot go
Jake- WIll do anything/ cannot go
Lisa/ Will do anything/ can go
Taylor/ Will do anything/ cannot go

Wacypaa Bid Requirements Left
Financial Statement- Nick
Facilities- Alex
Needs Statement- Jonathan
Service Letters- Jake
Possible Rental Car for Caravan- Nick

Christmas Lights
Ice Castle
Pancake 12 step dinner

Boise has asked us to cohost a Winter Whiteout Dance February 1st