12/15 Committee Minutes

meeting in order

Treasurer’s Report- Nick will post our current balances on Slack and also begin making a monthly spreadsheet that lets committee members see figures

Members that are at WAC include Brian, Jonathan, Nikki, Lisa and Alex. First three will be helping with hospitality and marathon meeting

Caravan is currently Nikki, Spencer, and Kayla. Anyone who is looking for a way there is welcome to Nikkis number.

Nikki: Bid is finished but the 12th was a suggested submit date so the bid committee will let us know about everything we could possibly do to improve.

Jen: New business, through social media we were reached out again about the Boise event Saturday February 1st. A number of people are in agreement about making it work and can go.

Brian: As a spiritual and principled matter, we should settle our debt with Bryce Canyon for use of conference space.
Motion to pay our debts. Motion passes. Nick will send a check

Nikki: Our meeting space at the alano club was given away again. Multiple attempts were made to contact Joni. Things seem unresolvable. Possibly talk to Central Office. Also Rise and Grind to reach out to others beside downtown yp.

Powerpoint Presentation
Jonathan: As a random brainstorm, we could possibly do a TED talk style presentation or Steve Jobs black turtleneck affair. This way there is a gimmick that helps draw in the pitch.
If anyone we recognize from Utah is there we bring them on stage to help with presenting.
Nikki, Alex, Cassidy and Lisa will gather to get the presentation in order.
A mock run of the presentation will be given next meeting on sunday.

Jonathan: John just got back with us. Rise and Grind is a yes. Waiting on time.

Jake: If we have a confirmed space, we can now produce fliers for affairs such as the DCM meeting that Nikki and I are going to.

Jake: Since it seems no one is announcing the Temple Square Flash Event, should we just cancel it?
Informal vote says yes

Motion to close: Passes