Old Business
Jake- Currently possess one service letter and there is a second letter in the works
Alex- Went and spoke to various hotels. Salt Palace is only space large enough but costs 16,000. Marriot can do room blocks at $129 per. Could potentially do only a large room at Salt Palace and smaller rooms at hotel.
Jonathan- Splitting between spaces is fine. Portland has done something similar.
Alex- I don’t see Salt Palace doing something in going down but I can reach out. Multiple rooms are expensive but each room is a flat rate.
Lisa- It would be good if we go over the details and try to work them down

Taylor- I can write up my section. We can talk about how we’ve made contacts with Reno and Boise. And Grupo de Serenidad and Stonewall
Lisa- What the bid packet states is how we emphasize diversity and what we do to promote it.
Taylor- Alright I will put that into my notes.

Area Inventory- Jake was unable to go as fliers were not delivered in time.

December 19th-

12 traditions pre-meeting- Agree to table it until next week.

Revamp website- the problem seems to be content. We can resolve this by highlighting
events that are upcoming.

New Business-

Lisa- What we need is to have a demonstration of our financial autonomy.
Forrest- As the past treasurer I can say that we have spreadsheets over all our past events that show we are competent. I’ll get you those if that’s all you need.

Caravaning- Flight prices are unstable and change constantly from day to day. A rental car could easily be arranged and help with mileage issues and transport.
Agree to put this to a definitive vote at next meeting.

Newish business- Friday at 7am will be our marathon meeting slot. Hospitality hosting will be 10-12 on friday.

Skit- Is a lot of work that will push us over the tipping point with work. A presentation is far more simple and straight forward.
Motion to table presentation until next week passes.

We will all be meeting in the cardroom

Announce WAC

Motion to close- Passed