4/25/21 Meeting Minutes

Ariea – need to go over details of upcoming May 1st event

Lisa – location changed to Box Elder picnic area; has hike close by. Will borrow a table to bring up. Hike is across the road at Desolation Trail head. We’ll stay to the left of the trail. 2pm Hike. Hike in 45 minutes and then turn around, go back out.

Shelly – folks should bring chairs

Forest – has posterboard and markers. Lisa will help

Trevin- lunch: Jimmy Johns sandwiches. Chips, etc from Costco. Need a table. 30 people; someone not going on the hike to bring the food closer to 4pm.

Ariea will bring the food.

Shelly – need hand-sanitizer

Forest – we have lots of bottled water. Other drinks have expired; Trevin needs to pick up more drinks at Costco.

Ariea – we spent $500 on shirts

Lisa – will bring cooler with ice

Shelly – will bring cooler with ice also

Ariea – speaker is Derek with 19 years in recovery. Other speaker TBD. Bringing AV equipment.

Lisa – bringing corn hole

Everyone else should bring lawn games if they have them.