1/2/2022 Meeting Minutes

Opened at 12:10pm with serenity prayer


Clara- Secretary

Aria- Greeter

Shelly- Treasurer

Kole- 3rd legacy

James- Webmaster


Dance is coming together

  • DJ is confirmed

La Europa meeting is active, we will be there next on 1.11.22

Trevin is stepping down as merch/GSL


Read Meeting minutes, passed.


  • Checking: $873.08
  • There is some cash that’s yet to be deposited
  • January’s rent is paid
  • $63 spent on unity event, surplus of $65 from event
  • Some bank logistics need to be figured out, and venmo is not yet resolved


Unity event was a success. Ash placed first, and James placed second. Thanks to all who planned it!


James made the flyer and printed some. FB page is a business page, unable to make it a private page. Minutes are up to date, flyer is up on site and FB page. 

Old business:

Winter formal-

Church is locked in for winter formal, check needs to be dropped off and contract signed. 

Raffle items are still needed. Grant is taking lead on food. Shelly will create a floorplan for our décor and photo booth and work on making design ideas for décor. 


No update on shirts, Shelly may take this project on. 


50/50 raffle added, details to come. 

New Business:

Current page is a FB business page, there is motion to create a new SALTYPAA private page. 

Motion passes!

Motion to close at 12:45