Committee Meeting Minutes 8/26/18

Present: Taylor H, Jonathan H, Maxwell, Mark N, William S, Eric M, Brian S, Brian C, Tom G, Meeting opens with planning conversation about a (token) bid for WACYPAA (2021). This entails creation and presentation of a preparatory packet. Conversation clarifies that SALTYPAA is separate from the bid committee that would work towards bidding/hosting UCYPAA. ...

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes 5-6-18

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes Present: (Taylor via teleconference), Anders, September, Christina, Kelby, Brian, Pall, Jonathon, Mark, Ben, Tom, Johnny Taylor requests that the committee fill in the blank spots in the schedule. A volunteer list has been created for the greetings tent. Taylor suggests we make UCYPAA water bottles for $9 cost and sell for ...

UCYPAA Committee Meeting 4/22/18

UCYPAA Committee Meeting 4/22/18 Present: Bailey, Markus, Mark, Brian, Ben, Christina, Kelby, Christian, Jonathon, Johnny, Pall, Pall’s brood Ben calls meeting to order.  Mark nominates Markus for Prayer Chair. Seconded by Tina. Voted unanimously in favor. Conversation re: programs (especially for meetings and panels). Changed speaker times for Fri/Sat night to 2030 in order to ...

UCYPAA March 25 2018 Meeting Notes

UCYPAA Committee Meeting  Conversation about increasing accountability for outreach; committee members commit to weekly attendance at meetings other than our normal meetings; discussion around importance of increasing awareness of conference as people in the valley largely aren’t aware of the conference.  Conversation surrounding finalizing activities at the conference; climbing, hikes (night hike), yoga s’mores bar ...

April 18th meeting

Fliers are made for salty Monte Carlo Working through mark to get donations for raffle Will get chips and decks of cards to get supplies Have to consolidate young people list and reach out to treatment centers  

October 19th minutes

Decorations bought Lights will be borrowed from Sarah Table procured Costume prizes at 930 Raffle will be at 1030 Sound discussed. Adaptor found Extra food from last event will be used for dance

October 12th minutes

Working with Candle light, the money will be split for the dance accordingly Drink food and profit from will be covered by candle Facility rent, decorations, and door fees go to saltypaa Salty will pay repair for TV for raffle  

2016-2017 Committee Elections

Elections for the next (best?) year of SALTYPAA are September 21st at 7:45pm at the church on Foothill Blvd and 1700 South.

June 2016 Minutes

Open at 7:43 Co-Host UCYPAA – BBQ at a lake Campout – July 16th Mirror Lake Fish Lake Moon Lake Jordanelle Rockpoint Bear Lake Subcommittee next Wednesday at 7:30. Close at 8:07

May 2016 Minutes

Open at 7:35 In Attendance: Maggie, Gibson, Jonathan, Brian, Kelby, Taylor Jonathan: Phone List and Email List needs to be made. Hotel and Carpool List for Swacypaa. Taylor:  No thought in camping. Need more time to cohost UCYPAA event. Hot Tub Party! Jonathan will print out email lists and such Kelby and Taylor will go to Clearfield ...