Start: 7:09 pm Motion for a Phone list. second, all in favor, pass Motion to adopt third legacy: second, all in favor, pass Treasure and hotels: 2years: second, all in favor, pass Chair Position Dave: nominated Maggie and Wade Maggie qualifies, wade qualifies Wade is chair Cochair Rich volunteers: rich, alcoholic 4/3/10, part of a ...


Wade: explains the differences between a solo committee and a sub committee: We become SALTYPAAs bid committee and SALTYPAA will still do their things and we will do the bid for Ucypaa and wacypaa and then we will get experience, networking and stuff. We can use financial reports for solvency, and see how a conference ...


Meeting began at 8:05 Wade:What is our need Rehabs H&I Youth death by drug/alcohol Queer community YPAA means young at heart Committee that showed up the strongest was Boise. We haven’t had it since 1999, Boise had it in 2008 In-reach goes to different meetings and announce conference and activities and pre registration get the ...

January 31st meeting notes

How to handle clean up- there will be a crew but anyone able to can help to clean up Music system here and easy to use Decorations- meet for setup at 7 How do we handle a speaker meeting? Have it right at 8 Do we do 30, 45, or a full hour? Through group ...


Open 7:36 Old Business: Trying to find a location options: FTR, Lauryns friends warehouse, church, memorial gardens Jonathan: motion for if they say yes just go with ftr Taylor: FTR is easy, cheap Kelby is going to get ahold of ian and get ahold of pastor New Business: Fundarshit: Proposed budget: Current funds stand at ...

Valentines day planning

The group wants to bid for Ucypaa and maybe Wacypaa Create announcement form to get this want known Raise awareness of saltypaa and commit to outreach Outreach to treatment centers, alano, Send people to meetings to have a presence Find people who are able to take on chair positions Valentines will be February 11th We’ve ...

October 19th minutes

Decorations bought Lights will be borrowed from Sarah Table procured Costume prizes at 930 Raffle will be at 1030 Sound discussed. Adaptor found Extra food from last event will be used for dance

October 12th minutes

Working with Candle light, the money will be split for the dance accordingly Drink food and profit from will be covered by candle Facility rent, decorations, and door fees go to saltypaa Salty will pay repair for TV for raffle  

2016-2017 Committee Elections

Elections for the next (best?) year of SALTYPAA are September 21st at 7:45pm at the church on Foothill Blvd and 1700 South.

June 2016 Minutes

Open at 7:43 Co-Host UCYPAA – BBQ at a lake Campout – July 16th Mirror Lake Fish Lake Moon Lake Jordanelle Rockpoint Bear Lake Recreation.gov Subcommittee next Wednesday at 7:30. Close at 8:07